Put simply, Baryn Futa believes strongly that that art is a key element of any society and that every society should support and protect art to the best of its ability. He also believes that art is too often taken for granted. That is the driving force behind Baryn Futa’s extensive work in supporting the arts as someone who appreciates the finer and subtler aspects of society.

Because Baryn Futa realizes that brilliant artists are not shown adequate appreciation in society these days, he is now driven to do everything possible to alleviate that situation. He has attended numerous arts classes and he even started his own art collection, which has grown into something very extensive and highly impressive. He is a very important member of many prominent art museums, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and The Jewish Museum, all of which have impressive collections, as well. Through his strong arts patronage, Baryn Futa hopes to encourage others to appreciate the arts as much as he does. By doing so, he hopes to preserve art for the ages.