No one was more surprised than Baryn Futa when he retired and started working at the Denver Art Museum (DAM), and he discovered such a deep love for art and artists that he has never felt before. Though he was a latecomer to the arts, he has tried to make up for lost time. He used his work with DAM to cultivate that newfound love of art and art history by attending art fairs, museum exhibitions and anything else he could find that would facilitate his understanding.

These days, Baryn Futa holds memberships in a large number of prominent art museums with impressive collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and The Jewish Museum, but he is also a noted art collector himself. In fact, he loans pieces from his own extensive collection to art museums all over, as a way to impress upon everyone the importance of art appreciation to all societies and cultures. By letting more people see his art, he believes he is contributing to greater art appreciation.